[northwestengland.pm] upcoming hackday

gabi gabimuc at gmx.de
Tue Nov 16 07:03:47 GMT 2010

hi guys,

i thought i introduce myself as well before saturday's showing up.

i'm living in Munich, and i've been around IT for roughly 20 years,
spending the last 15 doing network and sysadmin stuff in heterogenous
networks. about a year ago i decided to turnaround and started a couple
of months ago as a SW QA engineer (what the role includes has to be
defined yet, though) in a company doing managed security services. the
backend of their security appliance is written purely in perl and runs
on a redhat platform. 

15 years ago i did some multimedia programming in C and toolbook, some
basic sysadmin perl coding in my last company and i've been hanging
around perl workshops, conferences and meetings for a good year, picking
up stuff and terminology. 

reading idn's weblog about last year's hackday sounded like fun and i
decided to sign up for it. as stated above, i'm not a SW developer and
won't produce productive code at hackday. but if you need help with
documentation, testing etc i could do that and other basic stuff. 

i'll arrive at friday evening and stay in the Penny Street Brige hotel.
if anyone want to join me for dinner and a couple of beers anywhere i'd
be delighted. would be nice to get to know some more faces beforehand :)

cu, gabi

ps: you've got a defacing visitor at
i reverted the changes, but in case you want to investigate....

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