[northwestengland.pm] Refactoring a Moose Class

Ian Norton i.d.norton at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 14:22:56 GMT 2010

Hi Robert,

On 26 October 2010 13:07, Robert Whittaker <cyclistsdismount at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am practising [Kata Nine: Back to the CheckOut][1] in Perl whilst also
> trying to use Moose for the first time.
> So far, I've created the following class:


'use Moose;' automatically pulls in 'use strict; use warnings;', so
you could save a couple of lines there... ;)

> The whole `price` method doesn't feel very Moose-ish and I feel like this
> could be refactored further.

No, you're right.  Don't like the object abstraction though.  I think
I'd opt for something along the lines of an object for the basket and
then objects with the items.  As for the multibuy discount, not sure

Seems like something that could reasonably be subtracted at the end of
the transaction though.

> Does anyone have any input on how this could be improved?


I'd guess there should be a checkout function in Basket to total
things up, which is likely where the code for discounts should go.

That said, my attempt could be random, but something like that... :)

Regards, Ian

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