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Forwarding this message from Adrian in case any of the
Lancaster-enabled are interested in Arduino!

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On the weekend of the 25th/26th June 2011, Thom Shannon and I will be
heading up to Lancaster to host a weekend of tinkering, playing with
electronics, and prodding Arduinos.

Howduino Lancaster will be held at the shiny new LICA building on the
Lancaster Uni campus, and like the other Howduino events we've run, it
will be a pretty free-form hack weekend based loosely around the
Arduino microcontrollers.

People who know what they're doing are welcome to bring their own
projects along to work on alongside like-minded individuals; newcomers
can turn up armed just with a laptop (ideally, it's not a cast-iron
requirement) and learn more about how to make LEDs blink, servo motors
move and how to control them with some simple programming.

It's a free event and we'll be releasing tickets soon.  Head over to
<http://www.howduino.com/tickets.aspx> to find out more and sign up to
the mailing list to be first to hear when the tickets are available.




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