[northwestengland.pm] Re: [GeekUp] Functional Programming Night at GeekUp Liverpool May

Hakim Cassimally hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Tue May 24 10:07:19 GMT 2011


This is next week (Tues 31st) if anyone's interested in our
"Functional Programming Extravaganza".

(I'll mention Perl in my slides, but only in passing.  But never fear!
 The Haskell talk at least is quite "real world" and doesn't have too
much scary code, rather some "motivating examples" for functional
style modelling of a problem)


On 6 May 2011 15:22, Hakim Cassimally <hakim.cassimally at gmail.com> wrote:
> It's not Perl-related, but why not come to Geekup's first ever
> "Functional Programming Night"?
>   http://lanyrd.com/2011/geekup-liverpool-may/
> It'll mostly consist of 3 short talks on Haskell, Lisp, and Clojure:
>   * Haskell in the Real World (Hakim @osfameron)
>   * Implenting a Lisp interpreter in .Net (Simon Johnson)
>   * Clojure: why you should be interested in a 50 year old language
> (Tom Mortimer-Jones @morty_uk)
> There will also be beer!
> The talks are likely to be more "general interest" than assuming deep
> knowledge of FP.
> Cheers,
> osf'
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> From: John McKerrell <mcknut at gmail.com>
> Date: 6 May 2011 15:10
> Subject: [GeekUp] Functional Programming Night at GeekUp Liverpool May
> To: geekup at googlegroups.com
> Just wanted to announce May's GeekUp properly. We'll be having a
> Functional Programming Extravaganza with three (count em', 3!) talks
> from Hakim Cassimally, Simon Johnson and Tom Mortimer-Jones.
> Meeting in 3345 on Parr Street as ever, talks starting at 7pm but turn
> up from 6:30 and we'll be chatting over beer in the bar.
> Turn-out has been great for the recent events but we're always happy
> to welcome more people, there's more information on lanyrd:
> http://lanyrd.com/2011/geekup-liverpool-may/
> Let us know you're coming by signing up on that link but feel free to
> turn up anyway, attendance is free and open to all comers of course.
> John
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