[northwestengland.pm] great Perl job for a great Perl developer

Ludovic Tolhurst-Cleaver ludovic at bcs.org
Mon Mar 26 11:13:14 GMT 2012

Hey folks

If anyone's out of work or looking for a new role, Applied Language
Solutions are looking for a ninja Perl developer (optionally with PHP chops
on the side) at =A335-40k.

They're a translation services multinational based in the beautiful village
of Delph, near Oldham.

I interviewed for them on Friday but I don't have enough Perl experience -
they're looking for someone really experienced.  However, they're a lovely
company, and they're doing some really clever workflow things with their
own custom data portal written in Perl.

So if you've got excellent mod_perl, non-Moose OO, and some JSON, MySQL /
MongoDB experience, call Jen Campin at Computer People in Bristol on 0117
927 6236.


best wishes

-- =

Ludovic Tolhurst-Cleaver
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