[northwestengland.pm] LambdaLounge - End of Year Show & Tell (Intro to FP, Erlang, IoT, Java/C++, Clojure, XML, oh my!)

Hakim C hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Wed Nov 15 20:51:42 GMT 2017

It's time for another LambdaLounge evening!  As it's November, this is our
End of Year show & tell:
We'll have some short talks, demos, and discussions!

Our friends from other tech communities are very welcome, so if you'd like
to show us what functional style goodies you can do in Ruby, Node, Python,
Perl, or *insert language name here*, then come and say hi!

Whether you've ever looked at metaprogramming or DSLs (in Ruby or Perl),
template programming (in C++ or Haskell), introspection (in Java), or
(heavens!) wondered what on earth the (point (of (all (those
(parentheses))))) in Lisp is, then this talk is for you!

 *When*: Monday 20th November @ 7pm (doors open a little earlier, aim to
start talks 7:10)

* What: *End of Year Show & Tell - see below

 *Where*:  https://madlab.org.uk/find-us/

 *Details:  *

   - *Paul Brabban* (defshef) discussion on “intro to FP” workshop
   - *James Fielder* “So you’re stuck with Java/C++ and you want to do FP…”
   - *Giambattista Pieretti* Erlang & Internet of Things, with the Wemos D1
   mini (Arduino compatible board)
   - *Hakim Cassimally* a Clojure macro to make declaring XML data simpler
   - …

Really looking forward to seeing what people have been playing with over
the year! Please reply to the mailing list or ping @lambdamcr
<https://twitter.com/lambdamcr> to propose a topic!

(Alternatively, feel free to bring an idea on the night and we may be able
to fit you in.)
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