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Hey all - LambdaLounge is still running. We've been a bit remiss with the
mailing list posts of late: but we're still alive.
Details are always posted to Twitter: https://twitter.com/lambdamcr
And always-ish to the website: http://www.lambdalounge.org.uk/

Details of this month's meeting below!

All the best,

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Hi all,

Next meeting is: Monday 15th April.

We'll be at Barclays Eagle Labs Manchester (
https://labs.uk.barclays/locations/manchester) again.  We'll start at 19:00!

Please register at:

Liam Griffin-Jowett (@gryff <https://twitter.com/Gryffskin> - blog
<https://medium.com/@Gryff>) of Codurance will show us a practical approach
to solving the bank kata
<https://github.com/Gryff/bank-kata/blob/master/README.md> in Haskell.
He’ll cover:

   - using the compiler and tests to drive the design
   - using monad transformers to compose the use of several side effects
   - showing how to test monadic code

Pizzas and drinks will be courtesy of our sponsors Dunnhumby!

Hakim & the Lambda Lounge massive
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