[northwestengland.pm] LambdaLounge: Mon 17th August! Lockdown Lightning Talks - Rust, TypeScript, PureScript, & Java,

Hakim C hakim.cassimally at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 16:33:37 GMT 2020

Roll up, roll up, to our next set of Lockdown Lightning Talks:


This month, we have four speakers:

*Liam Griffin-Jowett - Rust*

Have you ever wanted to know about the basics of the Rust ownership system?
No? Well then don't attend this talk, because it is about the basics of the
Rust ownership system. We'll cover things like 'what even is borrowing?',
'what does '&mut ***i' mean?', and 'ok, but what does a rest api look
like?'. Sprinkled here and there will be opinions that I've stolen from
smarter people on why Rust is good and why it's the future.

*Hakim Cassimally - Purescript*

*Alex Lynham - Functional Serverless Typescript*

Functional approaches in Typescript are nothing new, but what can we apply
from FP to structuring a Typescript app in a functions-as-a-service
framework? This lightning talk will quickly go over some practical FP
approaches that have delivered the most consistent value in our project.

*Conor Farrell - Functional + Java*

Insert your favourite chocolate + peanut butter ad reference here! I'll
discuss some ways you can make your Java code more functional using Vavr, a
library that provides persistent data types like Tuple and Seq and
functional control structures like Try and Either.

Hope to see you there! Tell your friends :-)

Hakim & the LambdaLounge Collective
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