[Number-phone] Number::Phone 3.7000 released

David Cantrell david at cantrell.org.uk
Sat Dec 5 00:24:15 GMT 2020

I have just uploaded version 3.7000 of Number::Phone to the CPAN. Aside 
from the usual data updates the changes from version 3.6006 are as follows:

* Windows doesn't properly support fork() so the tests for it are
   skipped on that platform - obviously this is fine, because Windows
   users can't reliably fork() anyway, and so the protections being
   tested don't matter (patches welcome if you disagree :-)
* Minor documentation clarification re constructors;
* bugfixes in the dial_to() method for countries generated from
   libphonenumber data, and for unallocated UK numbers;
* Kosovo appears to have fully switched to using its own country code;
* Correctly identify UK ranges 04, 06, and most of 05 as invalid,
   instead of valid but unallocated;
* Releases now use data from a tagged release of libphonenumber instead
   of whatever is in master at the time they are built, making building
   more reproducible; that tag is exposed in the libphonenumber_tag()
* Expose OFCOM, CNAC, NPA, and localcallingguide.com data update
   date/time in various classes' data_source() methods, again in an
   attempt to make builds more reproducible (in these cases historic data
   aren't readily available but it at least helps);
* Stub classes have been shrunk by de-duplicating data for area names
   where the name is the same in the local language as in English;
* Added a --without_uk option to Makefile.PL so you can install without
   the large database of UK information and save space (and money) in
   your Docker containers

The next release is expected to be in March 2021.

I know it's a bit early but I hope you all have a happy Christmas.

David Cantrell

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