[Perl-org-patches] learn.perl.org cpan+config howto

Leo Lapworth leo at cuckoo.org
Fri Oct 30 07:35:54 GMT 2009

Hi Eric,

2009/10/30 Eric Wilhelm <enobacon at gmail.com>

> I think this one is complete.  Your feedback is appreciated.
>  http://learnperl.scratchcomputing.com/tutorials/configuration/

I think it's great - easy to read and clear.

I think learn.perl.org will eventually (e.g. much much later) need one of
those keyword look up widgets , I'm thinking terms like 'XS-based extension'
might not mean anything to a newbie. However I don't think you want to stop
and explain every term on this page, so that's just a note for later maybe.

Being really picky I might suggest a 'quick start' and also a Win32 section
(Strawberry Perl),  but these might be better as separate pages / elsewhere
in the site.


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