[Catalyst-dev] ANNOUNCE: DBIx::Class 0.01 released to CPAN

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Tue Aug 9 02:33:40 CEST 2005

Ok, it's experimental, the docs are lacking, but the Class::DBI compat layer
passed almost all the tests, the core functionality and implementation is
there, and we've got a moderately complex test suite that all pass.

Stuff may break. It's a 0.01 release. If you can submit me or the list a
failing test case it'll be fixed damn quick though :)

If your CPAN mirror doesn't have it, use


and just for your entertainment, here's the lib/DBIx/Class.pm POD -

       DBIx::Class - Because the brain is a terrible thing to

       This is a sql to oop mapper, inspired by the Class::DBI
       framework, and meant to support compability with it, while
       restructuring the insides, and making it possible to sup-
       port some new features like self-joins, distinct, group
       bys and more.

       It's currently considered EXPERIMENTAL - bring this near a
       production database at your own risk! The API is *not*
       fixed yet, although most of the primitives should be good
       for the future and any API changes will be posted to the
       mailing list before they're committed.

       The community can be found via -

         Mailing list: http://lists.rawmode.org/mailman/listinfo/dbix-class/

         SVN: http://dev.catalyst.perl.org/repos/bast/trunk/DBIx-Class/

         Wiki: http://dbix-class.shadowcatsystems.co.uk/

         IRC: irc.perl.org#dbix-class

       If you're using Class::DBI, replacing

         use base qw/Class::DBI/;


         use base qw/DBIx::Class/;
         __PACKAGE__->load_components(qw/CDBICompat Core DB/);

       will probably get you started.

       If you're using AUTO_INCREMENT for your primary columns,
       you'll also want yo load the approriate PK::Auto subclass
       - e.g.

         __PACKAGE__->load_components(qw/CDBICompat PK::Auto::SQLite Core DB/);

       (with is what ::Test::SQLite does to present the
       Class::DBI::Test::SQLite interface)

       If you fancy playing around with DBIx::Class from scratch,
       then read the docs for ::Table and ::Relationship,

         use base qw/DBIx::Class/;
         __PACKAGE__->load_components(qw/Core DB/);

       and have a look at t/lib/DBICTest.pm for a brief example.

       Matt S. Trout <mst at shadowcatsystems.co.uk>

       You may distribute this code under the same terms as Perl

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