[Catalyst-dev] Re: [Catalyst] Re: Last Chance / Last Day: Web development platform contest and Perl / Catalyst

Jess Robinson castaway at desert-island.demon.co.uk
Wed Dec 6 13:54:15 GMT 2006

On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Jonathan Rockway wrote:

> Michael Reece wrote:
>> <cut>
>> and get a big "*Not found*" from search.cpan.org
> Well, we don't control search.cpan.org, so that's really not something
> we can help.  www.jrock.us doesn't contain the Ruby on Rails docs, so if
> you go looking for them there, you'll be out of luck.  Yes, I know I'm
> difficult :)
> However, I think it would be good to keep up-to-date documentation on
> the Catalyst website.  This way we can ensure that things are up to
> date.  With a bit of CSS, we can spice up the look-and-feel also.

We already have uptodate (out of trunk) docs on the website!

> Eventually we'll want to automate this whenever a new release is tagged
> (which means that new releases actually need to be tagged ;), but for
> now, a static site is fine.

This already happens..

> Also, I think it's time for a homepage redesign.  It's nice looking, but
> there's zero information.  ABW thinks it's nice, OK, that's great :)
> Once that's done, we should start moving stuff from the wiki to a
> nice-looking static site... even I can't find anything on the wiki, and
> am always surprised to hear that there's good information there.  It's a
> shame to hide good information, just because a wiki is easy to edit.

Well volunteered ;)

> Anyway, I'll put together a tarball of xhtml'd docs (and CSS) and post
> it to dev@ ASAP.  It will probably be core first, and then a subsection
> of modules.  Here's what my mental picture looks like right now:
> Main doc page
> * intro to Catalyst blurb
> * Catalyst API
> * Tutorial
> * Other manual pages
> * Modules
> Catalyst API:
> * (the usual PODs for Catalyst::*)
> Tutorial:
> * easily browsable tutorial, probably on a single page (easier IMHO).
> maybe a LaTeX'd PDF download for reading on the train or whatever.
> (easy to do with pod2latex)
> Other man pages:
> * C::M::Deployment and similar
> * old advent calendar entires
> Modules:
> * Plugins
>   * C::P::Foo -> link to POD
>   * C::P::Bar -> link to POD
>   * ...
> * Ms
>   * C::M::DBIC::Schema -> link to POD
> * Cs
>   * BindLex -> ...
> * Vs
>   * TT/TTSite/etc. -> ...

Probably saner to fix the script that creates them currently instead..

> and so on.
> Finally, I think I'll add a header to each page to make them fit in with
> the catalystframework.org style, and have links to the mailing list
> archives and RT on each page (so people can report issues).

We're using pod2html currently.. Have you a better suggestion?


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