[Catalyst-dev] user_field in Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store::LDAP

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Thu Jan 24 17:25:12 GMT 2008

Resending this to jog the conversation.

On 12/02/2007 01:36 PM, Adam Jacob wrote:
> On 11/30/07, *Carl Johnstone* <catalyst at fadetoblack.me.uk
> <mailto:catalyst at fadetoblack.me.uk>> wrote:
>     So once a user has actually logged in, it's the uidNumber that's
>     important
>     to us.
>     So reading the documentation I figured that my search filter would be
>     "(mail=%s)" and my user_field would be "uidNumber". I then would
>     just need
>     to call
>     $c->login( $c->req->param('email'), $c->req->param('password'));
>     However it wasn't working. Tracking the problem down, and in my case
>     this
>     chunk of code is checking each result to see if the id passed into
>     login
>     matched the user_field. In my case it check that the email address
>     matches
>     uidNumber, so was always failing:
>       RESULT: while (my $entry = $usersearch->pop_entry) {
>             foreach my $field (@user_fields) {
>                 foreach my $value ($entry->get_value($field)) {
>                     if ($value eq $id) {
>                         $userentry = $entry;
>                         last RESULT;
>                     }
>                 }
>             }
>         }
>     However the existence of that chunk of code doesn't make sense to
>     me, you
>     already get the chance to filter the results when doing the query on the
>     server. All that would seem to be doing is doing the exact same thing
>     _again_ on the client side.
> I think the intent here is that your search results might not be unique,
> and so you still have to check the actual user_field to see if you have
> the right object.  In practice, it's hard to see a situation where this
> makes much sense... if the search filter returned more than one object
> (and we process the filter with the login credentials) then we probably
> have a failure condition anyway.
> Is anyone using this functionality any different?  If they aren't, I
> would happily take a patch to fix this.

I am working on the ::Store::LDAP code atm, and can patch this if the consensus is that
there should only ever be one entry returned from a LDAP search. That makes sense to me;
why would I ever have a case where there are 2 identical usernames in my LDAP tree. How
would I know which one to authenticate against?

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