[Catalyst-dev] The proxystuffs branch/5.8 Front End Proxy and other Engines.

J. Shirley jshirley at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 00:21:54 GMT 2008

In my never-ending efforts to deploy Catalyst in seemingly unusual
configurations, I've come across lacking support for X-Forwarded-Port
(or X-Forwarded-Host-Port) as well as X-Forwarded-Proto.

Andy pointed me to the "proxystuff" branch, but simply integrating
that (regardless of whether the tests pass) may cause other Engine's
to break.  I'm not sure which, or even how they will break or how we
can detect breakage, so hopefully someone with fresh knowledge of the
proxystuff branch will be able to work with me on it.

Also, to snag the patch and apply to 5.8 could mean that we can bypass
some potential breakage, and at this point finalize a specific
"Extending Catalyst Engine's" API.  In my searches here, I've found
that not only are there a huge variance in configuration methods, but
very few frameworks seem to document all the options thoroughly.

And, finally, for 6.0 I think it would be great to just add-in the
role support that you want.  So your engine can be with FastCGI,
FrontEndProxy, etc.

Please pontificate.  As it stands now I'm running a patched version of
Catalyst for an nginx+ssl proxy and I don't quite like that it isn't a
straight CPAN version.  I should have continuing cycles to get
something written, tested and released this week as part of $work.


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