[Catalyst-dev] [ANNOUNCE] CALL FOR TESTING Catalyst-Runtime 5.80014_01

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Mon Nov 23 23:54:14 GMT 2009

Hot on the heels of Catalyst-Runtime 5.80014, I'd like to announce a  
development release, Catalyst 5.80014_01.

This release has a potentially behavior changing fix for the CGI and  
FastCGI engines to do with outputting UTF-8. This fixes a serious bug  
with outputting utf-8 pages using Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding  
at least..

I _NEED_ people using FastCGI and dealing with high bit characters in  
their applications to test this release for me and let me know if they  
see any issues. If you do see any issues in your app which previously  
worked with any other 5.80 version, please reply to this mail or log a  
bug in RT.

You can try it out by typing:
cpan -i BOBTFISH/Catalyst-5.80014_01.tar.gz

The changelog is included below as usual. Thanks in advance to anyone  
helping test this release.


5.80014_01 2009-11-22 20:01:23

   Bug fixes:
    - Filehandle now forced to binmode in CGI and FastCGI engines.  
This appears
      to correct some UTF-8 issues, but may break people's code which  
      on the old behaviour.

   Refactoring / cleanups:
    - Plugins which inherit from Catalyst::Controller or  
      are deprecated and now issue warnings.

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