[Catalyst-dev] C::V::Email::Template email contents includes wrapper ...

Nicholas Melnick nick-list at dytara.com
Mon Jan 11 19:13:38 GMT 2010

On Jan 11, 2010, at 1:02 PM, Kiffin Gish wrote:

> Perhaps another option might be to create a completely new view, e.g.
> TTMail, one which is not configured with a WRAPPER, and then use that
> explicitly as the view rather than the default View => 'TT'.

For what it's worth, this is exactly what I do. I create a separate View::TT class called 'Text' that reassigns the template root, and doesn't define a wrapper. Very little overhead, and far cleaner (imho). A few different parts of the code use the 'Text' view, it certainly comes in handy for separation.

 - Nick

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