[Catalyst-dev] Plugins vs. Engines, Dispatchers...

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Sat Mar 6 22:14:42 GMT 2010

Pedro Melo wrote:
> Hi,
> 2010/3/6 Eisenberger Tamás <tamas at eisenberger.hu> top posted:
>> I don't know the exact rfc that describes this, but uri escaping seems
>> handle the problem well, think about query parameters, as they are part
>> of the same uri! And after I pass the arguments trough utf::decode the
>> characters appears correctly, the problem is only that uncode::encoding
>> only takes care of query parameters, not the entire uri...
> My question about RFC was to figure out how can you be sure that the
> user-agent used UTF8 encoding.
> How can you know that I sent you ááá encoded as utf8 or iso-latin-1?
> Without a clear indication from the user-agent, how can you know?
> Bye,

I seem to recall you can explicitly encode into your HTTP header or your HTML 
forms as to what text encoding you want data submitted with.  At least, I know 
(just checked) that an HTML "form" tag can have "enctype" and "accept-charset" 
attributes, and so you can at least tell clients what you expect them to send 
you.  Then if submissions look like valid data of the kind you said you expect, 
you should just be able to interpret it as such, and if that doesn't work then 
the client has a problem. -- Darren Duncan

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