[Catalyst-dev] Review meeting for Catalyst Bread::Board integration and documentation

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 10 21:41:26 GMT 2012

Hey All,

Based on the discussion two weeks ago, I've prepared a summary of the known=
 outstanding tasks, with details and success states, on a wiki : https://gi=

For anyone interested in helping out, please take a look and message back.=
=A0 Ideally we'd document these tasks well enough that anyone could help, b=
ut I understand details may be missing.

I am also calling for a meeting from 5-7pm NYC (Eastern USA time) tomorrow =
(Wed July 11th) to discuss next steps.=A0 I would expect for us to take ano=
ther pass at the task list and make sure we got all the details correct, an=
d I'd like to try and also settle on some sort of management tool for the t=
asks that doesn't offend everyone :)

I realize that many people lurk on the various communication channels, mail=
ing list, IRC and you might not feel like you have something to add.=A0 How=
ever I am hoping over time to change that since the direction of Catalyst i=
s something of importance to us all.=A0 I encourage you to join in and ask =
questions, or participate in whatever manner works for you.


John Napiorkowski
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