[Catalyst-dev] Summary of Breadboard review meetin

John Napiorkowski jjn1056 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 21:56:07 GMT 2012

Hey All,

Today we had a short meeting on the status of the Bread - Board conversion =
project.=A0=A0 Here's the summary:

- We reviewed a new task related to fixing how ->setup_home should use the =
bread-board container instead of using its own initialization code.=A0 =

- It was requested to have a commandline tool for viewing open tasks, inste=
ad of a website only system

- The tasks marked as ready for code review have been verified as good to s=

- It was recommend to move our tracking tool to https://trello.com/docs/ an=
d that would give us an API (and possibly solve the cli tool ask) as well a=
s other things.=A0 John agreed to look into and and set it up.

- It was briefly discussed the fact that since breadboard is likely to be a=
 version of catalyst that breaks some backward compatibility maybe we shoul=
d roll in other breaking things and just eat all the pain in one go.=A0 It =
was also mentioned that maybe we should call this Catalyst 7 to emphasis th=
e largeness of the coming change.

- It was proposed to create a poll aimed at the catalyst community to try a=
nd understand what the community values, how the community sees catalyst an=
d what might be barriers to more community involvement.


Corrections welcomed

John Napiorkowski
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