[Catalyst-dev] CJK "come back later" error messages in Engine.pm

Greg Matheson drbean at freeshell.org
Thu Mar 3 12:26:36 GMT 2016

I mentioned this on IRC. Tell me if this is not the right form.

--- Engine.pm.orig      2016-03-03 10:33:40.601440994 +0800
+++ Engine.pm   2016-03-03 20:14:08.677619044 +0800
@@ -302,6 +302,10 @@
 (ru) Попробуйте еще раз позже
 (ua) Спробуйте ще раз пізніше
 (it) Per favore riprova più tardi
+(zh-CN) 请稍后再回来
+(zh-TW) 請稍後再回來
+(ja) 後で戻って来てください
+(ko) 나중에 다시 오세요

         $name = '';

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