[Catalyst] Auth::CDBI enhancements

Michael Reece mreece at sacbee.com
Wed Apr 13 02:17:14 CEST 2005

None that I noticed, but that clear_object_index gets run on every request
now, so if other tables were going to have problems, they aren't now. :)

On 4/12/05 3:12 PM, "Andy Grundman" <andy at hybridized.org> wrote:

> Michael Reece wrote:
>> One thing about putting user in req->{user} --
>> I found that, at least under mod_perl, the user object was being cached by
>> CDBI because of this reference.
>> I had to put a call to clear_object_index in my !begin action..
>>     $self->comp('MyApp::M::CDBI')->clear_object_index();
>> There may be another way to avoid this problem, but I went with that and it
>> did the trick ..
> I absolutely hate that problem... in another app I recently wrote I had
> to disable the index completely because it was causing all kinds of
> issues.  No problems on any of your other CDBI objects though?
> -Andy

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