[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] 5.01 released

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Sun Apr 17 18:15:39 CEST 2005

The Catalyst development team is proud to announce the release of
Catalyst version 5.01.

This is a maintaince release of the Catalyst framework, mostly to
correct minor issues in the aftermath of the 5.00 release on Friday:

- Our documentation has been proofread by the Final Authority
- Fixed a minor regexp error in RegEx matches
- The mod_perl19 (pre-2.0 versions) engine is now fully working and

As you can see, there wasn't a lot of reported bugs, so we had to add
some minor features too :)
- Added support for accessing request->body, and aliased
response->output to response->body for consistency. (Needed for XMLRPC
- Updated attribute handling so plugins can add attributes (again, XMLRPC)
- Added support for overriding component config in the global one.
- Helpers now read Author from passwd. Can be overrided by $ENV{AUTHOR}.

Note that we've also put out updated versions of Catalyst-Plugin-Static
, Catalyst-View-TT and HTML-Prototype to fix some minor issues.
Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst has also been updated for Cat5 today.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg for
The Catalyst Cabal.

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