[Catalyst] Problems with Bundle::Catalyst::Everything

Sebastian Riedel sri at oook.de
Sat Apr 23 23:57:45 CEST 2005

Am 20.04.2005 um 15:14 schrieb Vsevolod (Simon) Ilyushchenko:

> Hi,
> I have been unable to install Bundle::Catalyst::Everything via CPAN, 
> and I think I know the reason why. When installing Bundle::Catalyst, 
> CPAN looks for the file Catalyst.pm in the top-level directory of the 
> module.
> So logically, with Bundle::Catalyst::Everything it would look for 
> Catalyst/Everything.pm, but Everything.pm is also in the top level 
> directory. However, I found that my CPAN actually would like to see 
> Bundle/Catalyst/Everything.pm - that's the only way I've made it work 
> (plus disabling checksums).

Thx, we'll try to figure it out...


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