[Catalyst] Some "How Do I ..." questions

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Wed Apr 27 17:51:36 CEST 2005

Bill Moseley wrote:
> Argh, nightmare module installation.
> Well, one thing I missed was:
>   Can't locate Class/DBI/Plugin/AbstractCount.pm
> is failing a test.  Perhaphs that is causing the problem?

Yeah, make sure you have that module installed, as well as:

> BTW - What determines a fatal error?  I mean, should script/server.pl continue to
> start on a missing module?

server.pl should die if it can't load a module, although that code may 
only be in place for controllers with compilation errors.

> Sorry for the volume, but here's the full server startup log.
> The error on REFERENCES is odd.  Is that a SQLite issue?
> SQL ERROR: Unknown column constraint: 'REFERENCES'!
> [Wed Apr 27 08:34:26 2005] [catalyst] [debug] Couldn't load tables "SQL ERROR: Unknown column constraint: 'REFERENCES'!

There's the root of your problem, although I've never seen this error 
before.  The database is read using DBD::SQLite2, which is a complete 
implementation of SQLite 2 in a module, it doesn't depend on a system 
install of sqlite.  Maybe you just need to upgrade that module?

If that doesn't work you can try rebuilding the db file, although this 
will require you to install sqlite 2.x on your system:
rm -f ServerDB.db; sqlite ServerDB.db < ServerDB.sql

Make sure you aren't using sqlite 3, because I think it's not compatible.


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