[Catalyst] Meios: A Catalyst Photo Gallery Example

Thomas, Mark - BLS CTR Thomas.Mark at bls.gov
Fri Aug 19 21:14:03 CEST 2005

> Here's what I think I want:
>    - First-Run Web based setup to set SysOp/defaults
>    - Upload ~10 files at a time
>    - Create/Edit/Delete/Merge galleries (albums)
>    - Multiple thumbnail sizes/quality (possibly per gallery)
>    - Read/Store EXIF data on uploads
>    - Add/Edit tags/keywords & descriptions on images
>    - View images by gallery, or by keyword/tag, or by date range
> Nothing very complicated there. Anyone else got any ideas?

Nice! Sounds like something I set out to do a couple years ago, but never
found the time (well, not the time to do it _right_). Catalyst would be a
great framework for it. Here are some ideas from my original concept:

- WebDAV-based uploading. This may have to be done outside Catalyst with a
"connector". This would allow people to do bulk uploading by simply dragging
and dropping photos to their "Web Folder" for photos. Most digital camera
software can automatically transfer your pictures to a folder--I imagine
someone putting their camera on a dock, pushing the button, and voila, they
see their new files in the gallery. What could be easier than that?

- AJAX-based metadata entry. While you're viewing the pictures, you can edit
the captions/tags right there without leaving the page.

- Email uploading. This makes it convenient to upload a picture from your
mobile phone. As with WebDAV, this will have to be a connector.

- WAP browsing interface for gallery access from your phone.

P.S. What's Meios mean?


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