[Catalyst] Introductions all around

Joshua J. Kugler jkugler at bigfoot.com
Wed Jul 6 05:13:54 CEST 2005

Hi!  My name is Joshua Kugler and I am currently a sys admin for the 
University of Alaska Fairbanks Center for Distance Education.  Although 
that has nothing to do with my post.  :)

Perl is my "mother tongue," as it was the first real computer language I 
learned (in 1996).  A few months ago I came across Ruby on Rails, and 
was very excited with what I saw.  I was about to start on a project, 
and the capabilities of Rails were very intriguing.

I had see an article on Maypole, but really didn't like some of the 
syntax I saw, so went back to thinking about Rails.  However, I 
couldn't motivate myself to try to 1) learn a new language, 2) learn a 
new paradigm (MVC), and 3) learn a new framework all at the same time.  
I finally toyed with the idea of assembling my own framework (TT, 
DbFramework, or similar, and go from there), but that didn't really 
excite me either.  I finally entered "perl mvc" in google, and came 
across the Catalyst article on Perl.com.  As I read, I was more and 
more excited, as I saw a system built on Rails concepts, but using a 
language with which I was already familiar.  Learning a framework when 
one already knows the language is easier since one is not trying to 
determine whether what is being looked at is language syntax or 
framework syntax.  And, hey, a mailing list that doesn't generate 100+ 
messages per day is nice too. :)

So, over the next two or three months, I hopefully will be getting up to 
speed with Catalyst.  I'm sure I'll have many questions.  I look 
forward to working with you all.

Whoever AndyG is (the one who posted the link to their store on the 
Catalyst to-do wiki in response to my example idea), could you post or 
e-mail me your code?  What you've done would get me a long ways on my 
project.  If you can share, that is.

j----- k-----

Joshua J. Kugler -- Fairbanks, Alaska -- ICQ#:13706295
Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess, in heaven, on earth, and 
under the earth, that Jesus Christ is LORD -- Count on it!

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