[Catalyst] Slight ambiguity in intro

Joshua J. Kugler jkugler at bigfoot.com
Thu Jul 7 06:36:30 CEST 2005

From Manual::Intro, regarding begin, end, and auto:

> You can define built-in private actions within your controllers as 
> well. The actions will override the ones in less-specific controllers, 
> or your application class. In other words, for each of the three 
> built-in private actions, only one will be run in any request cycle. 
> Thus, if MyApp::C::Catalog::begin exists, it will be run in place of 
> MyApp::begin if you're in the catalog namespace, and 
> MyApp::C::Catalog::Order::begin would override this in turn.      

That "only one will be run" part tripped me up a bit.  I think it would 
be clearer if you said "only one *of each* will be run."  The way it is 
right now sounds like out of all those controllers (auto, begin, end, 
etc) only one of those controllers will be run.

BTW, how might one go about getting svn commit access?  What is used for 
svn write?  https?  svn+ssh?

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