[Catalyst] Catalyst global object

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Wed Jul 13 10:38:25 CEST 2005

luke saunders skrev:
> My application is called Holiday, the skeleton of which was created
> with the create.pl script. It uses the controller Page and CDBI::Sweet
> for the DB stuff. In Holiday.pm I create a new Handler object which is
> needed for the Holiday system to work properly. Now I need this
> Handler object to be available globally (to the controller and models)
> and therefore it would be ideal if I could put it in the catalyst
> Context object somewhere as that's available everywhere. Is there
> anywhere I can put it in the Context object? If not how could I make
> this Handler object available to the objects instantiated by Catalyst?

Hey Luke.

Why don't you just put it in the stash?

$c->stash->{handler} = MyHandler->new(); in begin or whatnot?

then it'll be available from all your classes as $c->stash->{handler}, 
and just handler in your templates. you say you need this available in 
models as well. Models usually don't have access to context, but you can 
use the Catalyst::Plugin::Singleton to get a context from anywhere.

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