[Catalyst] MojoMojo example - errors with database tables

David Naughton naughton at umn.edu
Sun Mar 20 18:02:55 CET 2005

On Sun, Mar 20, 2005 at 01:24:43PM +0100, marcus wrote:
> Uwe Voelker writes: 
> >Correct. I changed the config and SQLite2 complained about unknown 
> >constraint DEFAULT. Either the db is corrupt or I have a wrong version of 
> >sqlite installed (I have the newest version from CPAN).
> This means your Class::DBI::SQLite is too old. I've provided a patch to the 
> author which replaces SQL::Parser with a regexp to find primary keys. As 
> mentioned, we've not reached a 0.1 release for mojomojo yet, hopefully we 
> will get there just after easter, at that point, there will be a working 
> version, for now, you will have to rough it. 
Thanks again to Marcus for this excellent patch to CDBI::SQLite!

> >So I ported the oracle schema to mysql and sometimes added the primary key 
> >(because CDBI::Loader::MySQL wants a primary key for each table).
> I believe the oracle schema is not in sync with the sqlite one, which is 
> being used for development. naughton is responsible for the oracle bit, and 
> he's going to reimplement the version control, and hopefully bring the 
> schemas in sync. 
Marcus is right: the oracle schema is not in sync with sqlite and will
not work with MojoMojo. It's a schema for a wiki I developed for $work
that I'm porting (as we speak!) to MojoMojo. This will give us page
namespaces and rich revision histories. We'll also add support for MySQL
and PostgreSQL. 

So in short, expect the MojoMojo db to change.

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