[Catalyst] thefeed.no runs on mojomojo

Danijel Milicevic Danijel.MIlicevic at rawmode.org
Mon May 9 20:20:27 CEST 2005

Hey Jose,

Am Montag, den 09.05.2005, 17:56 +0200 schrieb Jose Nyimi:
> As announced at
> http://use.perl.org/~draven/journal
> But try to click on "Authors" link (http://thefeed.no/.users)
> And see the error message ... 
> Hum, this is not good for the image of Cat ;)

Like C.Hicks already noticed: this is not the fault of Catalyst, but the
early alpha-stage of MojoMojo. 

draven just put up MojoMojo on his personal site for use to test the
currently implemented features and to make us shutup in #catalyst (we've
been bugging him for a livesite running current mojomojo for ages).

ATM we got alot of action in #catalyst again and Sebastian is on drugs
again, so expect great things for him as his Blog Software ('Sharkpool')
as well. :)


> R,
> José.
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