[Catalyst] Re: How to configure multiple Apps with mod_perl?

n.a n.a at ad.wakwak.com
Mon May 23 01:04:43 CEST 2005

Thank you all.

It seems to work. (at least for a week).

michael reece wrote:

>don't know if there is still a problem with attrcache ..

As for the Catalyst (private) class data '_attr_cache' ( it seems the name
has changed on  Catalyst 5.20),I made patch for the first time because this
hash contains cross-application attribute data.
However it is fine as far as all the action
look up will made only through 'actions' hash.

Contrary to my first question, I want to use the same
'action's among multiple Catalyst applications which run on the same
Apache/mod_perl environment.

This is mainly because economy for code-debugging time, not for memory 
usage saving.
Is it possible?

# Yes, I know it is possible with "do 'commonfile.pl'"

n.a at ad.wakwak.com 

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