[Catalyst] Mailinglist added to Gmane archive

Danijel Milicevic Danijel.MIlicevic at rawmode.org
Sat May 21 16:23:57 CEST 2005


it too Gmane operators a few months *sigh* but now we're finally setup
and those who prefer Gmane over news-to-mail or mailman solutions can
use Gmane now instead.

Here are the details:

        The following parameters are set for this mailing list:
            * Newsgroup name: gmane.comp.web.catalyst.general
            * Mailing list address: catalyst at lists.rawmode.org
            * The gateway is bi-directional
            * Address encryption is off
            * Spam detection is off
            * The list is described as:
              "Catalyst is an elegant web application framework,
        extremely flexible yet extremely simple. It's similar to Ruby on
        Rails, Spring (Java) and Maypole, upon which it was originally
            * News URL:
            * Web URL:
Danijel Milicevic
(lists.rawmode.org admin)

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