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Will Smith willbelair at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 6 19:56:46 CEST 2005

Thanks, that's what i meant.
Another question that I hope i can get the answer from the expert:
- I have a DB of quite a few tables. Running scaffold is no problem with every single table. Using has_a, has_many (not really work) to display data is ok. But if I want to:
- Add an Artist (this is done by the add.tt created by Scaffold) and then add Cds that belong to that artist. My question is:
1- Using CDBI can I call another sub in different Controller (e.g. call [sub add_cd]  in music::C::CDBI:: cd from music::C::CDBI::artist in any sub using $c->foward(...) , not sure what to put in ). I'm sure that I read this somewhere, but cannot remember
2- From add.tt in /Artist I add an artist, then how can I pass the artistid to the add.tt in /Cd.
These are just simple relationship question, but I just can't figure out. Please help

Marcus Ramberg <marcus at thefeed.no> wrote:

On 10/5/05, Will Smith <willbelair at yahoo.com> wrote:hi,
Can i pass a param from an html page into te search method:
$c->stash->{artist} = music::M::CDBI::Artist->search_like(name=>'%$my_parameter%'); ### my_parameter is the name field from an html page that call the sub

$c->stash->{artist} = music::M::CDBI::Artist->search_like(name=>$c->req->param('my_parameter').'%');

Like this?

With regards
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