[Catalyst] New default screen for Catalyst.

Danijel Milicevic Danijel.Milicevic at rawmode.org
Tue Oct 18 18:27:35 CEST 2005


Am Dienstag, den 18.10.2005, 17:42 +0200 schrieb Marcus Ramberg:
> He suggests that we should remove the CDBI model from the list, as he
> says we can'trecommend Class::DBI anymore. I still deploy new systems
> running Class::DBI, and thus opose that view.

(like it has been discussed in the channel) CDBI in it's current state
(3.x with breaking compatibility to numerous plugins) can not be
recommended, especially to beginners who might trap into CDBI caveats.
Whilst we can recommend 0.96, we'd have to do some explaining on why 3.x
is not production-ready/stable and so on.

I really like phaylons approach: don't list implementations of ORMs,
Views and maybe controller templates. Rather a short explaination of
models, views and controllers with links to the wiki pages that state
what modules are currently supported.

Also a better place for disclaimers than a welcome page.

> He also suggests we might recommend using the new commented out end
> action in trunk,. rather than using the DefaultEnd plugin. My view is
> that it hides unnecessary complexity, which in my view is a good thing
> for new users. What do you people think?

Whilst it indeed is a good thing, that such standard tasks can be done
with a plugin I think that new users should see how it is done properly
with "native" catalyst code (yea yea - the plugin is native, you know
what I mean). If we supply to many goodies in the beginning, then users
will struggle with code modifications whenever a plugin interferes.

Whilst I doubt it can't become as bad with Maypole and CRUD it certainly
is not what we want the users to learn first. Shortcuts are a great
thing and I use DefaultEnd myself, but the user should still know and
learn what it actually does and not take it for granted or a standard

Danijel Milicevic

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