[Catalyst] New default screen for Catalyst.

Christopher H. Laco claco at chrislaco.com
Tue Oct 18 18:41:32 CEST 2005

Danijel Milicevic wrote:
> (like it has been discussed in the channel) CDBI in it's current state
> (3.x with breaking compatibility to numerous plugins) can not be
> recommended, especially to beginners who might trap into CDBI caveats.
> Whilst we can recommend 0.96, we'd have to do some explaining on why 3.x
> is not production-ready/stable and so on.

Like i said elsewhere, this is only a matter of perspective if you've
had problrms with CDBI. If a 100% of CDBI users had problems that bad,
no one would use it. Obviously, many people do use it just fine; even
the newer versions. The same for the flipside.  DBIC is <0.04. I
personally don't consider it production ready either (hell, what
is)...but that doesn't mean that it outright sucks and people shouldn't
use it either.

> I really like phaylons approach: don't list implementations of ORMs,
> Views and maybe controller templates. Rather a short explaination of
> models, views and controllers with links to the wiki pages that state
> what modules are currently supported.

I agree. Which "model" to use is not a debate to be wagered or settled
by Catalyst. Handel is a model. As long as the model returns what it
says it's going to return, that's all Cat needs to be concerned with;
outside of all the CDBI/DBIC relgion.

> Also a better place for disclaimers than a welcome page.
>>He also suggests we might recommend using the new commented out end
>>action in trunk,. rather than using the DefaultEnd plugin. My view is
>>that it hides unnecessary complexity, which in my view is a good thing
>>for new users. What do you people think?
> Whilst it indeed is a good thing, that such standard tasks can be done
> with a plugin I think that new users should see how it is done properly
> with "native" catalyst code (yea yea - the plugin is native, you know
> what I mean). If we supply to many goodies in the beginning, then users
> will struggle with code modifications whenever a plugin interferes.
> Whilst I doubt it can't become as bad with Maypole and CRUD it certainly
> is not what we want the users to learn first. Shortcuts are a great
> thing and I use DefaultEnd myself, but the user should still know and
> learn what it actually does and not take it for granted or a standard
> solution.

I see both sides of it..but what if they're using scaffolds?
If I'm a new cat user using a scaffold, once I run the commands to
generate code, I expect it to "just work", without have to add end: subs
everwhere. But that's just me...

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