[Catalyst] CDBI::Sweet and accessor_name

Cory Watson jheephat at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 18:27:57 CEST 2005

The CDBI::Sweet documentation says to ask questions here, so I shall.

When I add Sweet to the mix (by changing my Foo/DBI.pm to use base  
Class::DBI::Sweet) has_many relationships start acting silly.  When I  
try to delete a Category which is mapped to a Product via a  
ProductCategory class, link table, and has_many(categories =>  
['Foo::ProductCategory' => 'category']) I get an error.  The error  
stems from the fact that I have an accessor_name method which trims  
'_id$' from the end of any accessors.  In other words, category_id  
and product_id accessors become 'product' and 'category'.

This seems to confuse Sweet.  Removing it puts things back to  
normal.  Then I lose that lovely page() method that sweet adds.  I  
want have my Sweets and eat them too! ;)

Any ideas why Sweet is not playing nice with a mapped has_many +  
accessor_name?  I can change the has_many above to use either  
'category_id' or 'category' and get:

Caught exception "Foo:ProductCategory can't SELECT m.product_id,  
FROM product_categories me WHERE (me.category = ?)

as it tries to use the accessor name.

I've looked at the line that throws the error (Class/DBI/Relationship/ 
HasMany.pm line 61) but since I don't understand the data structures  
involved I thought I'd ask before going spelunking.

Cory Watson

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