[Catalyst] Second developer preview of 5.5

Marcus Ramberg marcus at thefeed.no
Wed Oct 26 01:06:53 CEST 2005

As has been reported earlier on the list, we're hard at work with the
5.5version of Catalyst, and we've just done another preview release.
Check out
the Changes below to see what's new. Among the more exciting stuff is a
brand new shiny dispatcher, (Don`t worry, it works the same way it used to
from a user perspective), a self restarting test server and our new Welcome
screen. We're starting to get close to a final release now, so we would
appreciate if you test your applications with this release, so we can weed
out any incompatibilities on beforehand.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
Catalyst Release Monkey

- Whole new dispatcher!
- Added index action
- Added path_to method
- Added support for passing an IO::Handle object to $c->res->body.
(Andrew Bramble)
- Added a new welcome screen.
- Included Catalyst buttons and icons in helper.
- Added Static::Simple plugin to core.
- Added self restarting test server
- Added filename to debug output for uploaded files.
- Fixed forwarding with embedded arguments.
- Fixed handling of escaped query strings.
- Added upload parameters back into $c->req->params.
- Added multiple paths support to dispatcher
- Fixed bug in req->path where changing the path added a trailing
- Removed req->handle and res->handle
- Added prepare_body_chunk method as a hook for upload progress.
- Fixed bug in uri_for method when base has no path.
- Added automated tests for HTTP, CGI, and FastCGI servers.

With regards
Marcus Ramberg
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