[Catalyst] [OT] Could a Linux user try this for me

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Mon Sep 19 15:49:19 CEST 2005

Christopher H. Laco wrote:
> Could a kind Linux user in da hizzel give the v0.20 Handel::Scaffold a
> try when they get a spare cycle.
> I've tested the file creation on XP and FreeBSD 5.4, but I don't have a
> Linux box handy.
> Someone is having some strange file creation problems. The directories
> in root get created, but the controller/models don't. That seems very 
> strange since the controllers create the class file, then the template 
> files...
> Here's the start of the thread:
> http://lists.rawmode.org/pipermail/handel/2005-September/000027.html

I get the exact same results as this user.  Note that I did not have any 
database created, and just entered a bogus DSN.

# catalyst.pl Handel
# cd Handel
# script/handel_create.pl Handel::Scaffold dbi:SQLite:handel.db
created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../t/V/TT.t"
created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/cart"
created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/orders"
created "/home/andy/dev/Catalyst/examples/Handel/script/../root/checkout"


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