[Catalyst] Catalyst-Apache

Andy Grundman andy at hybridized.org
Tue Sep 20 17:38:28 CEST 2005

Danh Nguyen wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> This is all the server, program info on my machine:
> - Apache/2.0.54 (Win32) mod_perl/2.0.1 Perl/v5.8.7 Server at localhost 
> Port 80
> This is what I tried:
> I removed parts of myapp.conf file and added them again, try to locate 
> the problem. everything was fine - e.g. the Apache server could start , 
> even though I couldnot access the root of the app. This is the error 
> message:

I think you need to step back and maybe read through the Apache and 
mod_perl docs, to understand how to configure and run applications under 

Until then, you can just stick with the standalone server.pl to develop 
your application.


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