[Catalyst] Catalyst update issues

Chisel Wright chisel at herlpacker.co.uk
Thu Apr 6 15:23:09 CEST 2006

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 05:29:06PM +0100, Peter Edwards wrote:
> >[what's with CPANPLUS 'freezing' at some prompts
> I think it's doing downloads and builds silently. That was my guess anyway.
> It sat there for 20-30 minutes on the machines I installed on.

I turned verbose on, so I see when it's doing stuff like fetching files.

> >how the hell do you install Template with cpanp
> After unpacking Template-Toolkit-2.14.tar.gz
> # perl Makefile.PL TT_HELP
> gives the install params, e.g. TT_PREFIX=/some/dir.
> Looks like you can pass these with 's conf OPT VALUE'.

OK, how do you pre-guess this stuff? It's only because things went wrong
with TT that I had reason to go back through the output and investigate.

Also, similar problem with Mail::SpamAssassin - it asks for the
administrator email address. I see the question and the prompt, etc,
I've tried resizing windows as per a previous post, yet typing the
response (which appears) and pressing enter (which doesn't seem to do
very much at all) doesn't work.

I thought CPANPLUS was the second coming, ro something like that ...

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