[Catalyst] Wiki spam

Octavian Rasnita orasnita at fcc.ro
Sat Apr 8 08:25:05 CEST 2006

From: <Wade.Stuart at fallon.com>
> Also this only blocks posting not reading.  We can also have a non captcha
> version that is not linked to with a hard to guess name and a line that
> says:
> "This posting page requires the use of a captcha verification system.  If
> you are not able to use this system
> because of a vision disability please email poor_sob_wiki_admin at ... for a
> special way to post to this wiki."

Ok, I understand. If this only blocks posting and not reading, than it is
not a very big problem. However, it is still discrimination because such a
site would be made only for the people that have no eyes health problems.
Yes you could put an email address, but usually nobody answers to that kind
of email addresses.
There are also a few sites that use an audio captcha, but not all of them
have "audio" ways that really work.

But it is much simple to answer to this type of problems saying that "I
don't care". :-(


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