[Catalyst] new Catalyst::Plugin::HashParam

Christopher Heschong chris at wiw.org
Mon Apr 10 03:31:17 CEST 2006

Hi, planning on uploading this module to CPAN and wanted to get any  
feedback.  Basically it allows input paramteters to be created with a  
"hash[key]" format.  Are there any standard actions around submitting  
new modules?  Do you guys usually provide svn space, or just for  
catalyst developers?

 From the POD:


     <input name="primary[name]"      />
     <input name="primary[address]"   />

     <input name="secondary[name]"    />
     <input name="secondary[address]" />


     use Catalyst qw/HashParam/;

     sub something : Local
	my ($self, $c) = @_;
         my $foo = $c->req->hashparam('primary');
         my $bar = $c->req->hashparam('secondary');

         $c->stash->{winner} = $foo->{name};
         $c->stash->{loser} = $bar->{name};


Stealing a handy feature from PHP, allow a set of form variables to  
be returned
as a hashref.  Also useful when you have multiple rows worth of fields,
such as a grid.  For example:

     <input name="name[1]" /> <input name="address[1]" /> <br />
     <input name="name[2]" /> <input name="address[2]" /> <br />
     <input name="name[3]" /> <input name="address[3]" /> <br />


     for ( keys %{$c->req->hashparam(name)} )
             name => $c->req->hashparam('name')->{$_},
             address => $c->req->hashparam('address')->{$_},

If multiple entries exist a listref is returned as the value.

     <input name="animal[type]" />
     <input name="animal[type]" />
     <input name="animal[type]" />


     my @types = @{ $c->req->hashparam('animal')->{type} }
     $c->stash->{summary} = join (', ', @types);

     $c->log->debug('No kittens!')
         unless grep /(kitten|kitty|cat)/, @types;

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