[Catalyst] HTML::Widget and output into a html table

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri Apr 14 16:27:51 CEST 2006

Brandon Black wrote:
> I looked at XSLT once a while back.  What I really wanted out of it
> was browser-side transforms, allowing XSL to replace CSS.  My goal was
> to have my webapps send a very abbreviated chunks of raw xml content
> (not XHTML, but custom app-specific xml formats, things like
> <custom><foo>xxx</foo></custom>), and reference a static XSL
> stylesheet which transforms it into XHTML + all the usual display
> attributes you see in CSS.
> That concept would basically make the users' browsers do most of the
> work we do with templating systems server-side currently, and just
> seems cleaner and more scalable than the traditional approach to me.
> The main problem I ran into at the time, however, was that (at least
> in Moz/FF, which is pretty important to me) the browser only applied
> the XSL to the XML DOM at load-time once, and then quit.  Further
> JS/AJAX manipulations of the XML DOM (add new nodes, etc) at the
> browser didn't get auto-transformed as I would have expected (after
> all, CSS gets applied to applicable new nodes in the HTML DOM).


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