[Catalyst] "Can't locate object method "cache"... Cache::FileCache

Edric ehankamo at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 14 01:11:22 CEST 2006

I am using the Cache::FileCache module and I can't get it to install correctly although my peers have, and they dont know why i'm having problems.

The error message is referring to this line of code:

unless($info = $c->cache->get($searchcache)){

Here's a snippet of my log:

[Thu Apr 13 22:44:56 2006] [catalyst] [debug] Loaded plugins:
| Catalyst::Plugin::Static::Simple                                             |
| Catalyst::Plugin::FormValidator                                              |
| Catalyst::Plugin::Static                                                     |
| Catalyst::Plugin::SubRequest                                                 |
| Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::FileCache                                           |

[Thu Apr 13 22:44:56 2006] [catalyst] [debug] Loaded dispatcher "Catalyst::Dispatcher"
[Thu Apr 13 22:44:56 2006] [catalyst] [debug] Loaded engine "Catalyst::Engine::Apache2::MP20"

Any input is greatly appreciated. TIA.

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