[Catalyst] Catalyst on Windows advice needed

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Mon Apr 17 20:05:44 CEST 2006


Can I get some advice regarding Catalyst on Windows?

I recently read about Catalyst and it sounded great.
I need to run it on MS Windows (with IIS -- that is 
a requirement).  I have spent friday and this entire 
weekend trying to install it on a Windows 2k machine 
with Activestate perl-5.8.8-817.  I have tried using 
the ppm packages at uwinnipeg.  I have tried building 
the cpan packages.  I have tried following various 
googled instructions. I have tried the shadowcat script.  
I have tried various combinations of the above in various 
orders.  For 3 days.

At one point I had enough installed to be able to follow 
the first part of the tutorial, but the next day (without 
any changes I was aware of) the tutorial script started 
generating errors related to the Private attribute in 
View/TToolkit.pm.  I have not been able to repeat whatever 
magic I had done before.

So now I am wondering whether Catalyst is really ready 
for prime time on windows.

Does (most of) Catalyst run on Windows or am I on a 
fool's errand?

Is there a working detailed set of instructions
for installing on Windows usable by a non-Perl-guru?

If I do get things working, can I expect relatively
smooth sailing from there, or is development with it
likely to be one long series of problems?  

Are things likely to improve significantly in the
near future?

Is Catalyst thread-safe?  (I want to run it in 
Activestate's PerlEx.)

I know these are pretty open-ended questions but I
am getting a little worried and wondering if Catalyst 
is the right answer just now.  If anyone is actually 
using Catalyst more that experimentaly in a Windows/IIS 
environment, I would love to know about it.  TIA of 

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