[Catalyst] UPDATE: catalyst on vmware

Toby Corkindale tjc at wintrmute.net
Thu Apr 20 13:05:19 CEST 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 08:56:23PM -0400, moltar wrote:
> Hey everybody,
> Just want to update on the progress. I've installed the CentOS 4.3 
> (386). I used KDE GUI (minimal installation). Installation includes:
>     * Catalyst v1.70
>     * Perl v5.8.5
>     * Apache v2.0.52
>     * MySQL v4.1.12
>     * PostgreSQL v7.4.8
>     * SQLite v3.2.2
> So far I've setup Catalyst module base (read: CPAN mirror ;) with 
> minimum problems. For some reason installation went in a loop after I 
> chose an optional gpg module to be installed. I broke off the loop with 
> ctrl+c, then started again and it seemed to work fine.
> I tried setting up Hops demo. Yes, I know, it's outdated and uses 
> Class::DBI, but I thought it would be the simplest thing to start with, 
> as it's old and proven. I got it to work with the native Catalyst 
> server, but having trouble getting it to work under the mod_fastcgi, but 
> I am sure I'll get it to work eventually and then it's only a matter of 
> cloning the <VritualHost> and getting more Catalyst apps into the 
> system. Suggestions/app donations are welcome!
> One thing that really concerns me thus far is the size of the 
> installation. Right now vmware image is at 2.4 GB! Even if I take out 
> GUI stuff, it's still quite large. I am not sure of how it's best to 
> distribute it. What do you suggest?

The days of fitting a useful Linux distro onto a 1.44MB disc have passed away,
along with those awful disks, but <650Mb is a good target still for now.
I'm surprised that your install ended up at 2.4 Gbyte though!

I know the Gentoo LiveCD is 700Mb and manages to include a lot of applications
you wouldn't need for Catalyst work, so perhaps you could use it as a base and
swap some out apps and swap in the Cat stuff?

Or alternatively, since you're aiming for a VMware target - why do you even
need all the GUI stuff? Surely you just want ssh, nfs, samba and svn?

If you're planning on people using package management to update stuff, then you
wouldn't need gcc either, nor any of the development half of the libraries.

I'd be surprised if you couldn't get the install down to several hundred Mbyte,
once you stripped X and C dev tools.


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