[Catalyst] What a waste of time

rails coder railscoder at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 21:46:40 CEST 2006

Dear Unsuspecting catalyst newbie,

 Think twice before continuing.

I tried to install catalyst:

 - several tens of perl modules
 - perl modules with circular version dependencies
 - perl modules which won't install without force

 => took a long time and was difficult. I'd rather spend the time scratching
my ass.

I tried to use catalyst:

 - lack of accurate and useful documentation is amazing
 - lack of simple examples such as form building and validation is

 => catalyst is "consulting ware", which is why the developers refuse to
document it in a usable manner

I said "screw it", as much as I like perl, I can't put up with catalyst. In
the time I took trying to install and learn how to use catalyst, I have
already learned ruby and rails.

I tried to install ruby:

 - took me two minutes

I tried to install rails:

 - took me another two minutes

I tried to use rails:

 - bought an online pdf "Agile Web Development with Rails"

   - went through a 90 page tutorial that teaches hands-on every portion of
building a complex application
   - took me ~8 hours

 - it just works, and works well, unlike catalyst
 - noticed along the way that catalyst is nothing more than a cheap, halfass
imitation of Rails

My advice: Don't mess with trying to install and learn to use catalyst,
unless your time has no value and you have lots of it to waste. Get Ruby on

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