[Catalyst] What a waste of time

Cory Watson jheephat at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 01:38:26 CEST 2006

On 4/26/06, rails coder <railscoder at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/26/06, Cory Watson <jheephat at gmail.com> wrote:

>  I'm not that cheap, and I would have paid for a decent catalyst book or
> paid somebody to write a decent tutorial, if such book or willing person
> would have been available.  I won't pay somebody several hundred, or even
> more than a thousand dollars, to explain how their poorly documented
> software works when other well documented software is available.

I never implied you were cheap, I was simply confused by your
assertion that catalyst is "consulting ware" yet you were willing to
*pay for consulting* (in book form) for Rails.  Merely a point.

>  Asterisk devs are using the same "consulting ware" business model.. the
> documentation is incredibly poor to non-existant, and none of them will
> share their setups with you. There is always this attitude that "I spent
> months/years learning/developing this thing, it doesn't hurt you to spend
> months/years learning how to use it via trial and error/humiliation/newbie
> pecking order/whatever... When they write a decent book, I will buy it. I
> don't have months of free time to waste learning by trial and error.

Since this isn't an Asterisk mailing list and I know nothing of it, I
can't add much to this segue.  I can, however, say that the IRC
channel for Catalyst has been a significant help during my time with
the project.  I've been helped countless more times than I care to
remember.  I've dished out my share of help as well.  Not enough yet,
but the year is young...

>  On top of all that, the catalyst installation still sucks ass, even if one
> can manage to do it sucessfully.

One of Catalysts strengths, in my eyes, is it's use of external
libraries rather than being a monolithic stack.  The price you pay is
a hairy install.  Many people have mentioned CatInABox.  I'll not add
to the noise.  I'm happy to agree that many people have problems with
the install.

>  This project really needs to get a clue about attracting new users (unless
> they simply don't want many).

Perhaps you just need to acquire a clew yourself.  You do not earn
friends in the open source world by being a jerk.  You make them by
asking smart questions, being appreciative, and offering your time and
expertise in return.  Many people have demonstrated these qualities by
responding to your flamebait.

Whatever framework you choose, enjoy it.  Whining to lists isn't
constructive for anyone.

Cory 'G' Watson

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