[Catalyst] What a waste of time

Kaare Rasmussen kaare at jasonic.dk
Thu Apr 27 10:51:36 CEST 2006

> Although I agree with you, maybe attracting new users really isn't the
> point of it, after all. Catalyst isn't developed by a company which

Perhaps even the intended base for Catalyst can be put off by the lack of 
updated information about the project - and related projects.

Once in a while I find that I'd like to suggest that "someone" will make a 
"Catalyst Weekly" about the development, news and related stories. a 
newsletter like the one that helped Apache attract a critical user base and 
like the one that currently helps PostgreSQL do the same.

I, for one, am not sure what is the status if I'd like to do Ajax development 
with Catalyst, install a CMS, a wiki, a blog, a CRUD server, 

OK, perhaps I know the answer to some of these questions, but I hope that 
people can see the idea. 

Another problem is the web site where most information seems to be old or 
outdated. An even from the main page there are dead links 

Please take this message as input from a busy person who like to keep up with 
the fast development of Catalyst. It is not a criticism of the people 
devoting all their time to this project, just observations from the 


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