[Catalyst] What a waste of time

Thomas Hartman tphyahoo at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 16:23:50 CEST 2006

Perhaps I was unclear... did you understand I was reffering to
"virtual server" mode linux, such as that supplied by linode.org? I
believe this was also mentioned as a good solution by others on the
ror troll thread.

Many root users, one server, but each user's environment "feels" like
its own machine. It's still possible for one user to negatively other
users, eg by using up ram/cpu/whateverer -- but much more unlikely
than with traditional shared hosting.

To clarify, I was proposing supplying a virtual mode linux cat
environment as a potential hosting business idea.

Not "traditional" shared hosting.

2006/4/27, Michele Beltrame <mb at italpro.net>:
> Dear Thomas,
> Giving "shared" root access is not a good idea I think, an user might
> (even in a non-voluntary way) create problems to the script of the others.
> Michele.

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